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October 1, 2017

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Date Night

June 17, 2018

Hey guys!

Quick question: How often do you go out?


If you didn't already know, I am a college student. 

To be more specific: 

A poor college student. 

So when the once in a while event of a date night comes around I am going to document it! 





One of my very favorite places in St George is Downtown and the Historic District.

So after much consideration, as well a mini dance competition, Joshua and I decided to head Downtown on a date. 



We chose one of my favorite spots to eat, TwentyFive Main

I've mentioned this cafe in a previous post. It is so sweet and seriously has the best cupcakes ever!

We were hungry for a little more than a cupcake, so we opted to get the Classic Margarita Pizza and the Basil Pesto. 



I personally don't drink coffee, but Joshua loves it. As you can see! 

So he also got a caramel and vanilla latte. 

He said it was pretty good, and I trust his taste buds!



While we were eating we decided it would be fun to act like we were strangers on a first date. 

We both chose a crazy new personality and started talking! 

Soon we were full on arguing and getting super into the role play and after a while we completely forgot about our surroundings. 

In the middle of our heated conversation I see a man out of the corner of my eye and I realize he has obviously been listening to us go at it. 

Who knows how long he had been there!?

I quietly mention it to Joshua and we bust up laughing. 

That poor man must have thought we were actually crazy! 

But we were having fun, so that's really all that matters! 



After dinner we walked to a beautiful outdoor courtyard with a bunch of darling quaint historic buildings and took some pictures of each other as the sun set on our date. 

And even though there was absolutely no light left, the pictures turned out great!



So there you have it! A quick little post about a date night in St George!

Let me know in the comments some ideas for cheap and fun dates! I'd love to heat some new ideas!

Thanks so much!


- Desert Hare



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